Friday, April 12, 2013

Jury Duty

I checked my mail today and low and behold I have a jury duty summons for next month. I have to tell you being homeless does not negate from you duties. So I called the county it was issued from and they tell me I have to show them proof of no residence? what?

I can show them or have a letter drafted on my "last" time at a residence. How exactly do I show proof of "no residence?" Do I drive up and open the back of my van and say, "hey take a peek" there it is-proof. This is the same government who cannot provide any type of subsidized income for me due to the fact "I have no residence." I found out P.O. boxes don't qualify. Actually that last comment was just me being sarcastic in written format.

I decide to get a room on Sunday though. I need to do some business stuff and my homework. I can do my homework at the library or Starbucks but get more done when I am in my own space.

Fridays Song- TLC Waterfalls

I love this song. I miss the original TLC group they produced some good music in the 90's.

Making the decision to go back to school

I previously mentioned making a decision to go back to school. This was not and easy decision because        I had a job and did not know how I would handle a job and school. I was blessed with the best counselor ever. She was able to guide me in my career path and explain all the steps that being a "re-entry" student involved.

There was so much new terminology that I had to learn. The hardest thing was being in a classroom with kids that just left high school. At first this was intimidating to me but I soon found out that I catch on things pretty fast and as the first semester came to an end I was very confident in my decision and my school performance. When I made the Deans List that really boosted my confidence

School has been a positive distraction in my life. It has given me something to focus on. My major is communication and my minor is early childhood education. I love kids and the teaching environment. I had to skip one semester due to health issues but I am back on track. I have been attending my local community college now for 2 years. My graduation date was supposed to be last year but I am trying to work more to create more savings.
The video below is about Columbia State Universities adult re-entry program. There are many adult students who don't have a counselor as wonderful as mine and transition has been slow for some.


Well, it has been awhile so I knew it would happen. I am sick. Apparently I forgot to close the front window the car and woke up this morning with my ears and throat hurting. I try to cover my head at night but I didn't put my second blanket over me. I am just going to take some cold medicine an and call it a day.

I am also going to pay for my phone (cell) service to be turned on. I do need it but I have to prioritize my spending. This week is my biggest pay check week so I did to be frugal next week on the spending. I stayed for one day last week but I can't afford to do that weekly. The good news is its Friday and God is good I have seen another week. Stay positive everyone, life is truly what you make it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Deleted my facebook

my grandbaby

I deleted my Facebook yesterday. The problem with being a private person is that is contradictory when you put yourself out there on Facebook or any social site. This blog included I guess. I wasn't raised in a social media era so a lot of this stuff is fairly new to me. I like to write so  I will continue the blogging.

I got a little depressed about having to delete my Facebook account  because that is one way I connect with my kids and granddaughter. Then the realization hit me; if they can only contact me through Facebook or any other social media then maybe the issue of communication needs to be addressed.

I am trying to file my income tax so I can use the money to see my granddaughter. I want to be a part of her life but until I have a place to call "home" I don't see a full bonding being done. I want to be able to not only visit her but actually have her visit me too.

      grandparents song

Monday, April 8, 2013

What a day

Wow, could my day get any worse. So I went to the gym where I usually shower and they had some problems and were closed until 12 noon. The only problem with that was I had to be at work around that time. So I am literally driving around trying to find a place to shower.
crazy day

I ended up just doing that bird bath thing at my local library. So I just sighed and went on to work. Then I get in trouble for some B.S. and get a corrective action. My boss and I get into a loud discussion on why I didn't feel it was merited. Now my "boss" is in her 30's and I am in my 50's so when she kept saying, "dude calm down." I lost it.

Okay enough of that rant. On a positive note I am going to see about a room tomorrow. I really am fearful of doing this with folks I don't know but the people I thought I knew turned out to be real shady. Trying to put Skype on my computer to see my granddaughter. I am not having too much luck because it is a Linux system. Tempted to load windows 7 on it just to see her. I prefer Linux though.

I usually write at any available Starbucks and the one I am typing from today had some pretty interesting things happen. Makes me want to start a blog about my Starbucks adventures.  A young guy that frequents this particular Starbucks made this huge sign and bought a dozen roses to ask a girl in his class (who works at the sandwich shop next door) out to his prom.

It really was cool. He had some of the staff members who were off duty to follow him over to the sandwich shop to pop the question. I really wanted to go and be nosey, but my life is its own drama so I just waited until they got back. Apparently this girl is a real douche. She made the guy get down on his knees and ask her. Then she told him not enough folks came in to witness -so the answer is no.

This guy must really wanted to ask her out because he actually tried to actively round up more people to go back and ask her. This time she said yes. Things sure have changed since I was a kid.
Well tired so off to the car.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Never give up

This song has carried me through many trials and tribulations in my life


When you have stumbling blocks in life you have to ask for the strength to climb and find your way around them.