Friday, April 12, 2013

Jury Duty

I checked my mail today and low and behold I have a jury duty summons for next month. I have to tell you being homeless does not negate from you duties. So I called the county it was issued from and they tell me I have to show them proof of no residence? what?

I can show them or have a letter drafted on my "last" time at a residence. How exactly do I show proof of "no residence?" Do I drive up and open the back of my van and say, "hey take a peek" there it is-proof. This is the same government who cannot provide any type of subsidized income for me due to the fact "I have no residence." I found out P.O. boxes don't qualify. Actually that last comment was just me being sarcastic in written format.

I decide to get a room on Sunday though. I need to do some business stuff and my homework. I can do my homework at the library or Starbucks but get more done when I am in my own space.

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